Latest Watch Stock Version 1.0.4

Latest Watch Stock Version 1.0.4 is available with more features:

New on version 1.0.4, now you can even track your stock portfolio, for detail scroll down.

With the latest version 1.0.4 you can maximize the window and also resize the column as per your need. You can also see 52 week low/high, open price, traded quantity and total turnover in lakhs. This version will also tell you when ever a new version is available, so that you are always using the latest version available.

Watch Stock Version 1.0.4

What is Watch Stock?

It's a simple free software to track the current price of your favorite stock in NSE (National Stock Exchange), you can set the minimum and maximum price to take decision weather to sell the stock or to buy the stock.

What's more? It's available for free!

Track your stock portfolio with the latest version 1.0.4

What you can do with this application?

  1. Click on the Refresh column (1st column) to set it to Yes (update the scrip) or No (not to update the scrip).
  2. Click on Scrip Name column (2nd column) to open the NSE website for the scrip (check configuring watch stock).
  3. Click on Minimum price column (5th column) to set the minimum price, once this price is reached Current Price column (6th column) turns to red, so that you can make decision to buy the stock!
  4. Click on Maximum price column (7th column) to set the maximum price, once this price is reached Current Price column (6th column) turns to green, so that you can make decision to sell the stock!

Features of this software:
  1. Track your stock portfolio.
  2. Configure button to configure watch stock.
  3. Add Stock button to add your favorite stock.
  4. Modify Stock button to modify or delete the stock.
  5. Update Stock button to get the 52 week low/high, today's low/high, current price, open price, previous close, change, percentage change from previous close, traded quantity and total turnover in lakhs directly from the NSE website. Last two columns change, and percentage change will change color to green if stock is up or to red if stock is down from previous close.
  6. Stop button (initially disabled, becomes enabled once Update Stock is clicked or Automatic update is running) to stop the update.
  7. Close button to exit this software.
  8. Click button or press Esc key or click minimize window to send this application to system tray. An icon is added to the system tray , click on the tray icon to make this application visible.
  9. A pop up message appears, if any of the scrip reaches below minimum or above maximum value. Pop up appears only if the application was minimized.
  10. Refresh select option to select all or deselect all or invert or alternate select, use this option to toggle between Yes or No for the stock to be updated or not.
  11. A message window like  will pop if a new version of Watch Stock is available (check configuring watch stock).

Configure Watch Stock:

  1. You can configure watch stock to start with windows.
  2. You can configure watch stock to check for updates available.
  3. You can also configure to show current date and time.
  4. Select your favorite browser (Fire Fox or Internet Explorer) to open the NSE website for the scrip.
  5. You can configure the watch stock to update itself from NSE website between 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM, the update time can be set to 1 Minute or above.
  6. Now you can select only the columns that you want to see in Watch Stock window.
  7. Also enable/disable your stock portfolio to be seen in Watch Stock window.

Add Stock:

Steps to Add stock:

  1. Set Refresh this Scrip to Yes, if you want to update this scrip or set it to No, if you don't want to update this scrip.
  2. Enter the NSE Scrip ID which should be same as the ID of the scrip in NSE.
  3. Add the scrip name.
  4. Set Minimum and Maximum price of your choice.
  5. Put the quantity of shares bought and the cost per share, if you have not bought the stock then leave them as 0.
  6. Then click submit

Modify Stock:

  1. You can modify any of the fields, once done with the modification click on Update button.
  2. Click on Delete button to delete the scrip.

  1. The stocks above shown are for illustrative purpose only.
  2. The software was run on Windows XP with Service Pack 2; it may or may not run on other Windows platform.
  3. This software installs the updated version of windows component and during installation of this software, system may require reboot.
  4. This software may not work correctly if the NSE website html page is modified.
  5. Author of this software is not responsible for any damage caused, any profit/loss in the investment or any false data displayed by the software.
This software can be best viewed on 1024x768 and above screen resolution.

Download watch stock here:

The zip file is around 9.43 MB (9,658 KB) in size, you can download the software from any of the link below